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Picket Supporter stabbed in Midsalip

by Sean Martin SSC  and Frank Nally SSC PDF File>> (370kb)


Mining Report 'PHILIPPINES: MINING OR FOOD?', 2009

Philippines: Bishops call for a halt to mining

Columbans support anti-mining protests in the Philippines

Conduct of world's largest mining company under scrutiny

What part of 'No' don't mining companies understand

Columban letter to Philippine President - 20 Nov 2010

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Join our post card campaign. Fours  postcards can be printed per A4 card page, then cut and given to friends to post for Christmas to the Philippine President

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When it rains it pours! The latest report on the situation in Midsalip.  Download PDF File>


Fr Sean Martin who is a Columban priest based in Midsalip in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao.