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Parish Appeals 2011:

KEY to Designation of Diocese

Archdiocese of Southwark, (SOU)

Archdiocese of Westminster (WES)



Thankyou to our faithful donors


Fr Tom Ryan is part of the Columban Mission Awareness Team that has visited parishes and made appeals during 2010 in the dioceses of Arundel and Brighton, Wrexham and part of Birmingham. He writes:


“The parishes spread across the three dioceses totalled 279, of which 153 accepted our Appeal. This is one less Appeal than in 2008 and 24 more than 2009. And the results were better than expected too! Funds raised for this year on Mission Appeals have exceeded those both of 2008 and 2009 while the rate of subscriptions to the Far East magazine is slightly higher than last year.


We acknowledge the tremendous sacrifices our many faithful donors still make on our behalf up and down and across the country. They attend our Masses, listen to our appeals and welcome us at Church doors. Every week! They are the backbone to our work and they are many. Hard pressed in this time of severe recession, they live on lowered pensions, restricted social welfare benefits and are less well off now than even one year ago! Yet, out of meagre resources they faithfully include the Columbans. It is humbling. There is extraordinary goodwill towards us everywhere we go. It never seems to fail! For the Columbans, for our work, for our message, for our magazine. It is shown to us by priests, by sisters, by parishioners. It is felt in their welcome, in their hospitality, in the overnight stay in their homes. We are deeply appreciative.


And so, what can we say of the year to come, 2011? It is the turn of Southwark and three deaneries of Westminster, offering us a total of 215 parishes. So far, 56 have responded in what appears a brisk and quick start to the New Year. We look forward to meeting new people to interest in engaging with Columban work.”



Fr Tom Ryan and Fr Peter Hughes of the Columban Mission Awareness Team