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Cultural Exchange with China CEC)

Cultural Exchange with China  (CEC)



Cultural Exchange with China (CEC) is a new voluntary Association from the world wide Catholic tradition to which many citizens of China and Britain belong. Its aim is to promote understanding, co-operation and mutually beneficial friendships between the people of Britain and China, based on respect for one another and in an ecumenical, interfaith and global context.


We are a group consisting of individuals and organisations who are interested in China, teachers who have worked in China, and representatives of various Catholic societies.-

Columban Fathers, Sisters & Lay Missionaries, Daughter’s of Charity, Faithful Companions of Jesus, Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood, Mill Hill Missionaries, Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus & Mary, (Chigwell Sisters), Vincentians, Xaverians.



To promote awareness in the Catholic Church in Britain about China, its culture, history and present situation.

To experience the current cultural and religious reality in China through exposure visits and other methods.

To facilitate teachers of English from Britain to offer their services to Universities, Colleges and other institutions in China, in partnership with AITECE, Hong Kong.

To enable students from the Catholic community in China to study in Britain,

To host visitors from China to Britain, including professionals and experts, for exposure and discussion on issues of global concern, such as ecology, world poverty, human development, cultural and religious topics.

To network with British and European based groups which have a particular interest in China.

To link with Chinese communities in UK.

To see a full report of the CEC work in the UK, its partnerships in China, and updates on China siciety and the Faiths of China, especially the Catholic Church, go to the CEC web site:


 The CEC has a teachers Programme in China - for full details click here :-