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For the Missionary Priesthood

The Columbans have a strict policy in that we do not recruit from Countries where we do not have an active missionary presence. We also have an upper age limit of 28 in place at the moment.

The following is an out line of the formation programme. Potential Missionaries are interviewed and after a process of selection are invited to take part in the training programme which starts with an accompaniment period of about a year in one’s own country. During this time candidates are involved in local mission which includes crossing significant socio-cultural boundaries.

Regular meetings are held to get to know each other and gain a greater understanding of the Society  its stated goals and policies and expectations. The candidate eventually makes a formal application and is then asked to undergo an appropriate psychological assessment. The candidate then submits references and undergoes a general medical examination. After this there are in-depth interviews by the assessment board. On acceptance the candidate may enter the formation programme, which includes formal studies to degree level in Philosophy and Arts/ Theology, Missiology etc. There is also a period which is called ‘First Mission Assignment’ where the student will spend two years on a mission before returning to complete studies and hopefully Ordination.


I hope that this is helpful to you. If you wish to make further enquiries would you please send us some information about yourself, your personal history, academic level and involvement in your local church, etc.

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May the Good Lord grant you peace and joy.

How Will You Respond to the Call of God to Serve?

Have you considered how you will serve? Our Missionary Society involves priests, sisters, lay missionaries, staff and volunteers from around the world, all of whom have answered the call.


If you are ready to talk further, contact us and we’ll explain more about what it means to be a missionary, a Columban Priest, Sister or Lay Missionary, and we’ll listen carefully to your questions. Discernment is personal, spiritual and unique to each of us, just as God’s plans for us have been since your baptismal day.

Being You and a Missionary

Columbans have various talents from public speaking and guitar playing to showing compassion and being a listener. What’s your skill? A missionary priest good with his hands can literally have a hands-on approach to common things like updating shelter and fixing equipment.


A priest with strong story-telling skills can capture stories to share with Columban supporters. Those stories inspire more involvement, financial support, and greater good in your parish.


A priest with a business sense can play a key role in efficiency and accountability, stretching the support of others to have great lasting effects.


Current Columban Fathers appreciate that our missionary society is smaller than some, allowing for more personal connections. Through those we begin to recognize the strengths of individuals. We aren’t as concerned about fitting in.


In Seminary, you’ll immediately meet people who have different backgrounds from you.  The call they heard may have sounded different, and the path they are on might lead a different direction. But the paving of that path comes from God, and He blesses us with unique talents with which to travel.


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