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Mission awareness. Every weekend there are mission appeals in several parishes around the country made by  Columbans who are trying to raise awareness of the missionary dimension of the Church and calling for support for our work, spiritually, materially and in personnel.

Other areas of our work are

Justice & Peace,  

Columban Lay Mission, Migrant Chaplaincy,

China CEC / Research

Companions in Mission.

Interfaith/culture dialogue.


Members of the British Region on St. Columban’s Day 2009

St. Columban

We are named after Saint Columban, a sixth century Irish monk, (540-615 AD) who felt called by God to go with others on mission among the peoples of Europe, to witness to God’s loving compassion and goodness.

The Society of St. Columban is a Catholic organization working in eighteen countries with a special commitment to Asia and Latin America.

Its primary aim is inculturation of the Gospel in Cross Cultural environments. Columbans engage in Reconciliation, Dialogue and building relationships between peoples of different faiths, cultures and ideologies.

At the heart of Columban work is the call to help people become fully human, to help establish a world of peace with justice and care for the integrity of creation in solidarity with the poor.

In order to do this effectively the Society strives to read the signs of the times through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, willing to take the risks of meeting the challenges that confront it.

How the Society Began

The Story of 90 Years of Columban Mission