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Central Administration

Columban Lay Missionaries

For about 6 Years the Interfaith team were based in Bradford and were part of the Columba Community.

But sadly due to the need to re-assign personnel we have had to end our presence in Bradford.


However the Columba Community still continues its wonderful work.

Inter faith work is still one of our main passions in Britain and is now integrated into the Mission Outreach’s work in Birmingham.

Cross-cultural mission is a way of life that involves leaving your own culture and entering with respect and humility into another. It means learning a new language, living alongside the poor and marginalised, sharing your experience of God, and searching with them for a greater fullness of Life.

Columbans work in many diverse ways, trying to witness to the God of Love, to understand and embrace the hopes and aspirations of the communities where they live, and to follow where the Spirit leads. Columbans are involved in women’s groups, with refugees, in protecting the environment, with small Christian Communities, with disabled people, in interfaith dialogue, with Tribal people

Mission Outreach

The Mission Outreach team are a group of Lay and ordained people based in Birmingham. Their work involves working with the poorest and marginalised in society with peoples of different ethnic and religious cultures.

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Mission Outreach  

The Mission awareness team in Britain are the people who every weekend visit parishes around the country preaching appeals and helping to make people more aware of the needs of the missions through promotion of the Far East Magazine.


Team Members are always willing to give talks and in some cases displays on the life of a Missionary to groups and schools.

If your group/school would like to hear about the missions contact us.

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Mission Awareness