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Meet the Lay Missionaries
Meet the Lay Missionaries
Meet the Lay Missionaries

Rosalia (Rose) Basada


{Mission Statement, CLMPolicy Handbook 2008}

As people of faith, we the Columban Lay Missionaries, an intercultural group of women and men, single, married and families, are called to respond to God’s mission by crossing boundaries of culture, gender, creed and race. We are sent as disciples of Jesus. With joy, we witness to a new way of being church by finding and celebrating God’s loving presence as we seek to live a simple way of life and journey with the poor and marginalized.  In partnership with one another, with the ordained Columbans, and with local and home communities, and through mutual support and challenge, we strive to be catalysts of transformation in building God’s Reign.



In  mid 2010 three new Columban Lay Missionaries Arrived.

Ger Samson, Jayjay Enterina and Rose Basada

arrived from the Philippines to join the three Chilean Lay Missionaries whom are already engaged in promoting good community relations in an interfaith and multi-cultural situation in Birmingham.

Their presence is a sign of the vitality of churches to which Columbans were sent on mission and the indispensible role of Lay people in the mission of the Church. Mission today needs the exchange of personnel between different local churches.

Gertrudes (Ger) Samson

Jonah Jane (Jayjay) Enterina


From its beginning, the Society has been blessed by the generous lay persons who have worked with its members on mission.  It continues to welcome laity as partners in mission and pledges itself to help them individually and in groups to fulfil their missionary vocation.


Since 1977, the Society began to explore avenues for greater cooperation with laity in cross-cultural mission. This cooperation flowered in a commitment to partnership with laity in mission through a Columban Lay Missionary Program.  The Program evolved gradually through meetings with lay missionaries and was formally approved by the Superior General and Council in June 1994.


Since the establishment of the Program lay missionaries have gradually taken on greater responsibility for leadership among themselves and for the sending and receiving of lay missionaries across the various Regions and Mission Units. In October 2006 this development was affirmed with a shift from lay missionaries being part of a Program to calling themselves the ‘Columban Lay Missionaries’ (CLM).   

Columban Lay Missionaries are only recruited from countries where we have an active Columban presence .

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